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About us


The European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) was founded in 1991 in Luxembourg as a UETP (University-Enterprise-Training-Partnership) and pilot project of the EU COMETT II programme. The umbrella organisation of ESAVS is the European Association for Veterinary Specialisation (EAVS), a non-profit organisation registered in Luxembourg (A.S.B.L., reg.Nr.vol.411 fol.100 case 4).

Since 2005, the ESAVS is affiliated to the Department of Science of the University of Luxembourg.

The ESAVS provides state-of-the-art study programs in a variety of clinical veterinary disciplines. Using university and commercial facilities in some 20 European countries and 11 locations in Asia, the ESAVS conducts these programs for veterinarians in practice and academia from all over the world.
Internationally recognized teachers, a problem oriented approach, intensive use of case presentations, interactive teaching, practical workshops / wet labs and limited participant numbers per course optimize effective exchange of knowledge and skills.

The programs in various specialized disciplines consist of a series of residential courses and distance learning. The faculty of the ESAVS consists exclusively of specialist college members, who were also selected because of their teaching skills.

The aim of these programs is to open a window on veterinary specialization. The participants can acquire new skills and knowledge which they can apply in their practice, but the ESAVS also functions as a recruiting platform for future specialists. Indeed, quite a number of participants have been motivated to continue their professional development and have become specialists themselves.

More than 8.100 vets have attended the ESAVS courses so far. A great number of them have passed required exams and gained the title `Diplomate`.

ESAVS Board:
• Dr. Pierre Cadot
Paris, France
• Dr. Dr.h.c. Hans-Joachim Koch
Veterinary Hospital in Birkenfeld, Germany
• Prof. Dr. Eric Tschirhart
Professor of Physiology, University of Luxembourg
• Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Marc Vandevelde
Veterinary School in Berne, Switzerland
• Prof. Dr. Gilles Dupré
University of Vienna, Austria
• Dr. Elisabeth Müller
Bad Kissingen, Germany

ESAVS Office:
• Business Manager: Ms. Katja Müller, Ms. Ewelina Maudet
• Associate Manager: Ms. Astrid Knauber
• Accountant / Office Assistant: Ms. Corinna Rein-Lish
• Marketing Manager: Mr. Gleb Levin
• Master & Certificate Program Coordinators: Ms. Julia Halo, Ms. Katharina Hoos, Ms. Emery Currier
• Office Assistants: Ms. Erica Adams, Ms. Nicole Flick, Ms. Elisa Baron

ESAVS Organizing Committee in China:
• Chair: Ms Xu Jie, Shanghai
• Beijing Representative: Ms Song Xiaoyu
• Beijing Member: Mr. Yuchi Chen, Shanghai
• Associate Members:
- Ms Cheng Yu, Shenzhen
- Mr Zhang Jian Kang, Nanjing

ESAVS Course Masters

To allow us to be more efficient, please inform us about any address changes including phone and fax numbers.

Office Germany
Schadtengasse 2
D-55765 Birkenfeld

Contact via e-mail
Fax: +49 6782 4314


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