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Millis, Darryl L., Prof. Dr. (University of Tennessee, USA )

- MS - University of Florida
- DVM - Cornell University
- Diplomate - American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Clinical Interests
General interest is that of small animal orthopedic surgery and physical rehabilitation.
Research Interests
Research interests include modulation of bone healing, osteoarthritis, and postoperative physical therapy of orthopedic patients.

Levine, D, Millis, DL, Mynatt, T: Effects of 3.3 MHz ultrasound on caudal thigh muscle temperature in dogs. Vet Surg 30:170-174, 2001.
Millis, DL: `Bone-and nonbone-derived growth factors and effects on bone healing`. Vet Clin N Amer Sm Anim Prac 29:1221-1246, 1999.
Millis, DL, Wilkens, BE, Daniel, GB, Hubner,K, Mathews, A, Buonomo, FC, Patell, KR, Weigel, JP: `Radiographic, densitometric, and biomechanical effects of recombinant canine somatotropin in an unstable ostectomy gap model of bone healing in dogs`. Vet Surg 27:85-93, 1998.
Lorinson, D, Millis DL, Bright, RM: `Determination of proximal femoral epiphyseal depth for repair of physeal fractures in immature dogs`. Vet Surg 27:69-74, 1998.
Millis, DL, Levine, D: `The role of exercise and physical modalities in the treatment of osteoarthritis`. VetClin N Amer Sm Anim July, 27:913-930, 1997.
Lorinson, D, Millis, DL, Bright, RM: `Determination of safe depth of pin penetration for repair of distal femoral physeal fractures in immature dogs: a comparison of normograde and retrograde pin placement`. Vet Surg 26:467-71, 1997.
Millis, DL, Krahwinkel, DJ: `Factors important in small animal intern, resident, and training program ion at the University of Tennessee`. J Vet Med Educ 23:51-59, 1996.
Wilkens, B, Millis, DL, Daniel, GB, Munson, L,Patel, KR, Buonomo, FC: `Metabolic and histologic effects of recombinant canine somatotropin on bone healing in dogs, using anunstable ostectomy gap model`. Amer J Vet Res 57:1395-1401, 1996.
Belkoff, SM, Millis, DL, Probst, CW: `Biomechanical comparison of 1-screw and 2-divergent pin internal fixations for treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis, using specimens obtained from immature dogs`. Am J Vet Res 54:1770-1773, 1993.
Belkoff, SM, Millis, DL, Probst, CW: `Biomechanical comparison of three internal fixations for treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis in immature dogs`. Amer J Vet Res 53:2136, 1992.
Millis, DL, Probst, CW: `Disease Conditions Affecting Bone Healing`. In Bojrab (ed.): Mechanisms of Surgical Diseases of Small Animals, 2nd edition. Philadelphia, Lea and Febiger, 1993, pp 700-704.


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