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Course Notes: Dermatology I 2009

This page is for the Dermatology I 2009 course participants.

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List of Course Participants


Course Notes Week 1
David Lloyd, David Grant, Chiara Noli, Otto Fischer

Skin Biopsy (new)
Chiara Noli

Course Notes Week 2:

1. Fundamentals of the Immune System
Richard Halliwell, Wayne Rosenkrantz

2. Flea Allergy and Flea Control
Wayne Rosenkrantz

3. Atopic Disease
Craig Griffin

4. Diagnostic Approach to Pruritus and Diagnosing Atopic Dermatitis
Craig Griffin

5. Atopic Dermatitis - Medical Management
Wayne Rosenkrantz

6. Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT)
Craig Griffin

7. Contact Dermatitis
Richard Halliwell, Wayne Rosenkrantz

8. Allergy Testing and IDT Lab Preparation
Craig Griffin, Wayne Rosenkrantz

9. Food Allergy
Craig Griffin

10. Introduction to Cutaneous Cytology
Wayne Rosenkrantz

11. Miscellaneous Allergies
Craig Griffin

12. Feline Cutaneous Reaction Patterns
Wayne Rosenkrantz

13. Feline Allergic Skin Diseases
Wayne Rosenkrantz

14. Medical Management of Feline Allergy
Craig Griffin

15. Otitis: Basics, Pathogenesis and Diagnosis
Craig Griffin

16. Otitis Therapy – Basic Principles and Cleansing
Craig Griffin

17. Topical and Systemic Otitis Therapy
Wayne Rosenkrantz

18. What to Look for When Reading a Journal Article
Craig Griffin


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