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Internal Medicine III

Authors: Erik Teske, Lisette Overduin, Rafael Nickel

This is a self assessment page for participants of the ESAVS training program Internal Medicine 2007 - 2009.

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1st Package

ACVIM Articles for Self-Study:

1. Feline Gingivostomatitis: Etiopathogenesis & Management

2. Interpreting Unexpected Feline Leukemia Virus Test Results

3. Seeking the Perfect Balance: Management of Concurrent Cardiac and Renal Disease

4. Pimobendan in the Treatment of Canine Heart Disease: Early vs Late Use?

5. Working up the Weak: Neuromuscular Causes of Acute Collaps

6. Update on Muscular Dystrophy

7. Novel Approaches to Feline Epilepsy

8. Recognition of Common Cranial Nerve Abnormalities in Dogs & Cats

Distance Learning by Eric Teske and Lisette Overduin:

Cytology in Companion Animal Medicine

Distance Learning Cases

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

Presentations by Rafael Nickel:

Endoscopy of the Urinary Tract: When is it Useful?

Common Causes of Canine Urinary Incontinence

Treatment Options in Canine USMI

Case studies of Dogs with Prostatic Disease

Prostatic Disease - Case Discussion

Case Report: `Abrasso`

Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer of the Bladder and Urethra in Dogs and Cats

Disorders of Micturition in the Cat

2nd Package

Distance Learning by Eric Teske and Lisette Overduin:

Distance Learning Cases

Clinical Neurology of the Dog and Cat

ACVIM Articles for Self-Study:

Body Condition and Prognosis in Feline Cancer Patients

Fat Facts on Cancer: Canine Obesity and Cancer Prevalence

Antioxidants in Cancer: Helpful or Harmful?

Palliative Care for Cancer Patients

Phathophysiology of Trauma: Our Current Understanding

The Ultimate Trauma: Big Dog - Little Dog


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