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Course Notes: Small Animal Reproduction III 2008

This page is for the Small Animal Reproduction III course participants.

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1. Recent Advances in Reproduction: Lecture Notes
Cecilia Luvoni, Eva Axnér, Daniele Zambelli, Giuliano Ravasio, Fabio Acocella, Luisella Bogliolo, Mauro Di Giancamillo, Michela Beccaglia, Maria C. Veronesi, Maria Longeri, Stefano Romagnoli, Ivano Eberini, Debora Groppetti, Carlotta Gaio, Vittorio Capello, Lorenzo Crosta, Linda Timossi

2. Laparoscopy
Fabio Acocella

3. Collection and Characteristics of Epididymal Spermatozoa
Eva Axnér

4. Sperm Morphology in the Domestic Cat
Eva Axnér

5. Fetal Biometry and Prediction of Parturition Term in Bitches and Queens
Michela Beccaglia

6. Culture Techniques for In Vitro Embryo Production in Cats
Luisella Bogliolo

7. Micromanipulation Techniques for In Vitro Embryo Production in Cats
Luisella Bogliolo

8. Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction in Pet Rabbits, Rodents Species, Ferrets
Vittorio Capello

9. Reproductive Physiology of Birds and Diseases of the Avian Reproductive Tract
Lorenzo Crosta

10. Recent Advances in Reproduction - Computer Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mauro Di Giancamillo

11. Drug Use During Pregnancy, Lactation and in Neonates
Ivano Eberini

12. Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction in Reptiles
Carlotta Gaio

13. Acupuncture in Reproduction
Debora Groppetti

14. DNA Diagnostic Tests For Inherited Diseases in Pets
Maria Longeri

15. Collection and Evaluation of Dog and Cat Oocytes
Cecilia Luvoni

16. Cryopreservation of Cat Oocytes and Embryos
Cecilia Luvoni

17. Embryo Production in Dogs: From IVF to Cloning
Cecilia Luvoni

18. Anaesthesia and Pain Control in Reproductive Surgery
Giuliano Ravasio

19. Disorders of Sexual Differentiation in Puppies and Kittens
Stefano Romagnoli

20. New Drugs in Male and Female Reproduction
Stefano Romagnoli

21. APGAR Score System Evaluation in Puppies
Maria C. Veronesi

22. Is It Really Necessary To Remove the Scrotal Testis in Young Unilateral Cryptorchid/Ectopic Dogs?
Maria C. Veronesi

23. Sperm Collection in the Cat
Daniele Zambelli

24. Transcervical Uterine Catheterization in the Cat
Daniele Zambelli


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