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Palmer, Ross, Ass. Prof., Dr. (Colorado State University, USA)

BS - Kansas State University, 1982
DVM - Kansas State University, 1984
MS (Physiology) - University of Georgia, 1989

Specialty Certification:
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, 1989

Clinical Interests:
Stifle surgery (TPLO, patellar luxation)
Fracture Management (plating, interlocking nail, external skeletal fixation)
Patellar luxation in large breeds - corrective femoral osteotomy as indicated
3D bone modeling for preoperative planning

Research Interests:
Validation of measurement of femoral alignment
Corrective Femoral Osteotomy
Mechanical Testing of Osteosyntheses
Locking Plate/Screw Technology
Bone Healing
ACL Reconstruction with Shape Memory Polymers
Gait Analysis

Selected publications:
  • Yanoff S, Hulse DA, Palmer RH, Herron M. Distraction osteogenesis using
    modified external fixation devices in 5 dogs. Vet Surg 21:480-484, 1992.
  • Dickens, JR, Bray DE, Palmer RH, Calvin J. An ultrasonic attenuation parameter
    for investigating the holding power of nonthreaded fixation pins in the canine
    femur (in vitro). Ultrasonics 32:65-70, 1994.
  • McDonald DE, Palmer RH, Hulse DA, et al. Holding power of threaded external
    skeletal fixation pins in the near and far cortices of cadaveric canine
    tibiae. Vet Surg 23:488-493;1994.
  • Anderson MA, Palmer RH, Aron DN. Improving pin selection and insertion
    technique in external skeletal fixation. Comp Contin Educ 19:485-494;1997.
  • Palmer RH. Biologic osteosynthesis. Vet Clin N Am 29:1171-1185;1999.
    Palmer RH. Symposium on canine orthopedics. Vet Med 100;412, 2005.
  • Palmer RH. Diagnosing cranial cruciate ligament pathology. Vet Med 100;414-423, 2005.
  • Palmer RH. Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy. Vet Med 100;426-437, 2005
  • Nanfelt M, Zekas J, Palmer RH. What‘s Your Diagnosis – Talar fracture JAVMA 229:357-358, 2006.
  • Meola S, Swiderski J, Kraft S, Palmer RH. What‘s Your Diagnosis? – spinal cord perforation with IVD extrusion. JAVMA – in press, 2006.
  • Swiderski J, Palmer RH. Long-term, patient-oriented outcome of distal femoral osteotomy for treatment of combined distal femoral varus and medial patellar luxation: 17 stifles of 13 large breed dogs (1999-2004). JAVMA – in review, 2006.

    Other Interests:
    Family, hiking, biking, climbing Colorado‘s 14ers, snowboarding

  • 23.01.2018

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