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Course Notes: Endoscopy 2006

Endoscopy 2006

This page is for the Endoscopy course participants.

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1. Laparoscopy in the dog: material, technique and normal anatomy
I. Gielen, B. Van Ryssen, H. van Bree

2. Thoracoscopy in the dog: technique and applications
I. Gielen, B. Van Ryssen, H. van Bree

3. Rhinoscopy: technique and applications
B. Van Ryssen, I. Gielen, H. van Bree

4. Video-Otoscopy in dog and cat
I. Gielen, J. Imschoot, H. van Bree

5. Endoscopy Course
Reto Neiger

6. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Reto Neiger

7a. Introduction to to endoscopy of exotic animals
Zdenek Knotek

7b. Exotic animal endoscopy – basic informations: reptiles and birds
Zdenek Knotek

8. Respiratory tract: flexible endoscopy
Reto Neiger

9. Cystoscopy: techniques and indications
Christiane Stengel

10. Therapeutic endoscopy
Reto Neiger

11. Endoscopy maintenance
Christiane Stengel

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