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Course Notes: Orthopaedics II 2017

This page is for the Orthopaedics II 2017 course participants.

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by Eva Schnabl-Feichter:

1. Hip Joint

2. Hip Dysplasia - conservative treatment

3. Legg calve perthes - pathogenesis and diagnosis

4. Hip Luxation - Treatment Options and prognosis

5. Cruciate Rupture and Meniscal Injury- Pathogenesis and Biomechanics

6. Cruciate Rupture and Meniscal Injury-Meniscal Resection

7. Polytraumatic stifle injuries

8. Tarsal Joint Diagnostics

9. Tarsal Joint- Collateral Ligament Injury

Presentations and Cases

1. Tarsal Joint - Diagnostics

2. Pathogenesis Biomechanics

3. Polytraumatic Stifle Injuries

4. Meniscal Injury-Intra- and Extracapsular Treatment

5. Legg Calve Perthes Disease-Pathogenesis and Diagnosis

6. Hip Joint-Review of the Anatomy

7. Hip Dysplasia Conservative Treatment

8. Femoral Luxation Treatment and Prognosis

9. Collateral Ligament Injury Tarsus

10. Cases

11. Brainstorming

12. Brainstorming II

by Marlis Wessely:

1. Femoral Luxation: pathogenesis

2. Stifle joint: Review of the Anatomy

3. Muscle and tendon avulsions

Presentations and Cases

1. Tarsal Joint - Review of the anatomy

2. Stifle Joint - Review of the anatomy

3. Femoral Luxation Pathogenesis

4. Muscle and Tendon Avulsions

by Aldo Vezzoni:

1. Hip Dysplasia: incidence and pathogenesis

2. Hip dysplasia: diagnosis including early diagnosis

3. Treatment of hip dysplasia in growing dogs, JPS and DPO

4. OCD of tarsus and stifle - Pathogenesis

5. OCD of tarsus and stifle: Treatment

Presentations and Cases

1. Pathogenesis of Hip Dysplasia and clinical impact

2. Total Hip Replacement

3. Diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia in growing and adults dogs

4. Early surgical treatment of Hip
Dysplasia in puppies with JPS, DPO, THR

5. Surgical Treatment of hip dysplasia

6. Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of patellar luxation

7. Physical examination and grading
of patellar luxation

8. Case selection and treatment of
patellar luxation

9. Stifle and Hock OCD: pathogenesis and diagnosis

10. Stifle and Hock OCD: treatment

by Luca Vezzoni:

1. Legg Calve Perthes- Treatment stragetegies

2. Femoral luxation: Diagnostics

3. Craniolateral approach to the hip joint

4. Cruciate Rupture and meniscal injury: diagnostics

5. Cranial cruciate ligament rupture treatment: Osteotomies

6. Trocheoplasty and tibial tuberosity Transposition patellar luxation

7. Achilles tendon rupture and luxation of the superficial digital flexor

8. Tarsal Instability and treatment options

Presentations and Cases

1. Tibial osteotomies for CrCL rupture

2. Tarsal Instability and treatment options

3. Diagnosis of hip luxation

4. Clinical and radiographic diagnosis of CrCl rupture and meniscal injuries

5. Legg Calve Perthes- Treatment strageties

6. Achille’s tendon lesions


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