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Kühn, Karolin, Dr. (Zurich, Switzerland)


01/2015 – today
Senior clinician, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland

09/2013 – 11/2014
Clinical radiologist, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Davies Veterinary Specialists, Higham Gobion, United Kingdom

10/2011 – 08/2013
Clinical radiologist, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland

07/2008 – 09/2011
Residency in Diagnostic Imaging, Division of Diagnostic Imaging, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland

04/2007 – 04/2008
Internship, Department of Small Animal Surgery, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Switzerland

03/2006 – 03/2007
Dissertation (Biocompatibility of different bone replacement material, an experimental study in sheep), Musculoskeletal Research Unit, Equine Department, Vetsuisse Faculty,University of Zurich, Switzerland

08/1999 – 08/2000
Veterinary nursing apprenticeship (Horses and Small Animal), Tierklinik an der Rennbahn, Iffezheim, Germany


10/2011 Diploma of European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

02/2006 Degree in veterinary medicine, Ludwig-Maximilian-University,Munich, Germany

09/2001 – 02/2006 Studies of veterinary medicine, Ludwig-Maximilian-University,Munich, Germany

03/2004 – 08/2004 Erasmus-Exchange with University of Zurich, Switzerland

09/2000 – 08/2001 Studies of veterinary medicine, Szent-Istvan-University,Budapest, Hungary


01/2015 What Is Your Neurologic Diagnosis?, JAVMA, S. Keegan, K. Kuehn, A. Danielski, P. M. Smith

03/2015 Valvulopathy consistent with endocarditis in an Argentine Boa (Boa constrictor occidentalis), J Zoo Wildl Med, Wernick MB,
Novo-Matos J, Ebling A, Kühn K, Ruetten M, Hilbe M, Howard J, Chang R, Prohaska S, Hatt JM

02/2014 Ethmoid adenocarcinoma: Severe neurological complications
after combined laser ablation and intralesional formalin injection. Eq Vet Education E. Maischberger, M. Jackson, K. Kühn, P. Grest, S. de Brot, M. Wehrli Eser

12/2013 Unusual presentation of alveolar echinococcosis as prostatic and paraprostatic cysts in a dog. BMC Veterinary Research
C. Geigy, K. Kühn, M. Rütten, J. Howard, F. Grimm and C. Rohrer Bley

10/2013 Equine ulnar fracture repair with locking compression plates can be associated with inadvertent penetration of the lateral cortex of
the radius. Vet Surg J. Kuemmerle, K. Kühn, M. Bryner, A. Fürst

09/2013 Repair of a canine patellar ligament rupture using the ComPact UniLock 2.4/3.0 mm System. Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd A. Gutbrod, K. Kühn, T. Wiestner, P. Kircher, K. Hurter

05/2011 Effect of contrast medium injection duration on the canine pulmonary arteries peak enhancement and time to Peak enhancement using dynamic computed tomography. VRUS M. Makara, M. Dennler, K. Kühn, P. Kircher

04/2011 Radiographic and ultrasonographic evaluation of the patellar ligament following Tibial Tuberosity Advancement. VRUS K. Kühn, S. Ohlerth, M. Makara, M. Hässig, T. Guerrero


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