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Course Notes: Malaysia Feline Medicine & Surgery II 2015

This page is for the Malaysia Feline Medicine & Surgery II course 2015 course participants.

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by Eva Schnabl-Feichter:

1. Lameness in Cats

2. Is it a Neurological Problem or not?

3. Trauma in Cats

4. Principals of Internal and External Fixation

5. Open Fractures

6. Fracture Healing and Complications

7. Long Bone Fractures

8. Epiphyseal Fractures

9. Cerclage and Hemicerclage

10. Tension Band Wire

11. Pinning - Technique and Application

12. Joint Fractures

13. Lag Screw, Position Screw, Neutralisation Plate

14. Plate Fixation

15. Plate and Rod

16. Orthopedic Diseases of the Feline Shoulder Joint

17. Orthopedic Diseases of the Elbow Joint

18. Pelvic Fractures

19. Orthopedic Conditions of the Hip Joint

20. Orthopedic Diseases of the Stifle

21. Specific Diseases of the Tendon nad Muscle

22. Orthopedic Diseases of the Carpal Joint

23. External Sceletal Fixateur

24. Normal Gait in Cats

25. Osteoarthritis in Cats

26. Spinal Trauma and Vertebral Fractures

27. Oncological Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System

28. Fractures of the Skull


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