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Soft Tissue Surgery III, Cremona / Italy, 8 - 12 December 2016 held

Course Master: Prof. Dr. Gilles Dupré, DECVS (AT)
Co-Course Master: Dr. Laurent Findji, DECVS (UK), Dr. Vicky Lipscomb, DECVS (UK)


This course is open to open to any student who took at least the soft tissue surgery I course (STS I). Participation to soft tissue surgery II is not mandatory to enter STS III.


The course focuses on major indications of soft tissue surgery: Urinary tract and advanced abdominal surgery. Beside lectures, much time is dedicated to surgical exercises on corpses as well as to problem solving in small groups. The last day is dedicated to review of all lecture material of the week as well as to wrap-up presentations from participants themselves, ensuring the acquisition of both knowledge and skills.

At the end of the course, participants shall be able 1) to diagnose and operate most of the urinary tract diseases affecting small animals; 2) to diagnose and operate or refer most common surgical diseases of the liver including tumors and porto-systemic shunts; 3) to to diagnose and operate or refer most common surgical diseases of the pancreas and adrenal glands.


Urinary Tract Surgery

Part 1: Generalities

  • Surgical anatomy, healing and surgical principles
  • Urolithiasis: common knowledge

    Part 2: Basic surgical techniques for the UT

  • Cystotomy
  • Urethrotomy and urethrostomy
  • Nephrectomy

    Part 3: Other surgical diseases

  • Urinary tract tumors: Basic oncologic knowledge
  • Urinary tract Trauma: Diagnosis and decision making

    Part 4: Urinary incontinence: an overview

  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Surgical procedures
  • Surgical techniques for Ectopic ureters
  • Surgical techniques for USMI

    Clinical cases and practicals

    Advanced Abdominal Surgery

    Part 1: Liver and gall bladder

  • Surgical anatomy of the liver
  • Liver Shunts: The surgeon`s view
  • Liver tumors and hepatectomies

    Part 2: Other surgical diseases

  • Surgical diseases and techniques of the adrenal
  • Surgical diseases and techniques of the pancreas
  • Surgical diseases and techniques of the prostate

    Clinical cases and practicals

    ATF credit hours (Akademie für Tierärtzliche Fortbildung, Germany): 30
    (for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg)


    Hotel and Travel Information

    Please find alternative Hotels at:

    Please enter for Destination `Cremona`, for Country `Italy` and your travel dates.

    You may also take a taxi from the airport to the SCIVAC Center. For booking please contact the ESAVS Office.


    Tuition fee: EURO 2.590,--
    Early registration: EURO 2.490,-- (deadline for FULL early registration payment: 31st May 2016)

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  • 18.02.2018

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