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Course Notes: Small Animal Reproduction I 2015

This page is for the Small Animal Reproduction I 2015 course participants.

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Table of Content 2015

by Francis Fieni:

1. Breeding management

2. Permanent anoestrus - silent heat

3. Managment of unwanted mating

4. Medical treatment of uterine disease in dogs

by Samuel Buff:

1. Physiology and endocrinology of the ovarian cycle

2. Interests and limits of hormonal assay in breeding managment

3. Natural breeding and failures

4. Physiology and endocrinology of pregnancy

5. Pregnancy diagnosis by palpation

6. Early spaying in dogs and cats

by Xavier Levy:

1. Induction of oestrus in the bitch

2. Investigation of ovarianand uterine function

3. Reasoning about induction and scheduling of parturition in the bitch

by Alain Fontbonne:

1. Infertility with regular or irregular ovarian cycles

2. Troubles of lactation in the bitch

by Anne Gogny:

1. Medical prevention of estrus in the breeding bitch

2. Vaginal disease in the bitch

3. Managment of mammary gland tumours in the bitch

by Francoise Roux:

1. Obstetical emergencies in dogs

by Sandra Goeriscke-Pesch:

1. Parturition monitoring and managment of dystocia

by Touzeau-Jourde:

1. Pain control in reproductive surgery

by Catharina Linde Forsberg :

1. Artifical insemination in the dog

2. Regulations and recommendations international shipment

by Daniel Tainturier:

1. Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasonography


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