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Course Notes: Orthopedics 2015

This page is for the Orthopedic Disease 2015 course participants.

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by Eva Schnabl-Feichter:

1. Feedback Monday

2. Feedback Tuesday

3. Normal gait in cats

4. Orthopedic examination in cats

5. Neurologic examination

6. Feedback Wednesday

7. Feedback Thursday

8. Osteoarthritis in cats

9. Cases

by Julia Knebel:

1. Arthritis

2. When the drugs do not work

3. Fetal development

4. Neurovascular supply of the pelvic limb

5. Orthopaedic examination hindlimb

by John Innes:

1. Biology and diagnosis of OA

2. Stemm cells: cutiing through the hype

3. Joint resurfacing in the dog

by S. Kneissl:

1. Functional and high Resolution imaging

2. How to do the perfect X-ray?

by Marion Mucha:

1. Exercising during muscoloskeletal development

2. Physiotherapy as a possibility to increase Quality of life in old dogs

by Agustina Ansón:

1. CT vs. MRI

by S. Breit:

1. Functional anatomy of the musculosceletal system

by Stefanie Handl:

1. Nutrition in juvenile animals

by Maximilian Pagitz:

1. Advanced Imaging scintigraphy

by Ilse Schwendenwein:

1. How to consult the synovial fluid oracle

by Marlis Wessely:

1. Neurovascular supply of the forelimb

by Britta Vidoni:

1. Orthopedic examination general and forelimb


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