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Soft Tissue Surgery I, Aug. 24 - 28, Vienna / Austria - held

Course Master: Prof. Dr. Gilles Dupré DECVS (AT)
Co-course Master: Dr. Laurent Findji DECVS (UK)
Lecturers: Dr. Nikola Katic, Dr. Lea Liehmann and the Surgical Staff of the Veterinary University Vienna/Austria and Veterinary University Leipzig/Germany

The content of the soft tissue surgery I course is designed for veterinarians that would like to deepen their knowledge in general and soft tissue surgery. A strong emphasis will be put upon general principles and basis of atraumatic surgery. With this in hands common abdominal surgical diseases will be presented and discussed.
By the end of the week, participants shall possess technical skills to face fearless most of the surgical abdominal procedures. Participation to the STS I is a prerequisite for those willing to go further in the surgical curriculum leading to the future certificate and master programs in Small animal Surgery.


Day 1: Surgical methods in small animal surgery 1

Atraumatic surgery
  • Instrument and tissue handling techniques
  • Hemostasis and hemostatic devices
  • Suture material and suture techniques

    Infection control in surgery
  • Surgical site infection and antibiotics in Surgery
  • Sterilisation methods
  • Patient, surgeon, OP room preparation

  • Suture techniques on models
  • Draping, room preparation

    Day 2: Surgical methods in small animal surgery 2

    Late evolution in veterinary surgery
  • Introduction to oncologic surgery
  • Evidence-based medicine: How to look for scientific sources
  • Introduction to minimally-invasive surgery
  • Introduction to minimally-invasive surgery

    The peri-operative care
  • Pre-, per- and postoperative pain control: Case-based
  • Drainage, bandage
  • Nutritional needs of the surgical patient and feeding tubes

    Interactive and summarising session
  • Article reading and analysis?
  • Case-based peri-operative planning:
  • Pain-control
  • Infection control
  • Wrap-up session

    Day 3: The abdomen 1

    Abdominal access, exploration and closure
  • Abdominal wall anatomy and approaches
  • Exploratory laparotomy
  • Abdominal wall closure
  • Use of omentum in surgery
  • Abdominal hernias closure
  • Biopsies

    Basic knowledge in Gastro-intestinal surgery
  • Surgical anatomy and Gastro-intestinal tract Healing
  • Gastric surgery

  • Abdominal Approach
  • Gastrotomy
  • Y-U gastroplasty
  • Abdominal closure
  • Hernia closure

    Day 4: The abdomen 2

    Basic knowledge in Gastro-intestinal surgery
  • Pathophysiology of surgical GI diseases

    Surgical techniques
  • Small intestines
  • Large intestines
  • Clinical cases surgical diseases?

  • Entero/enterectomy
  • Colo-colectomy
  • Drainage
  • Feeding tubes
  • Omentalisation
  • Biopsies

    Day 5: Abdominal emergencies

    Surgical abdominal emergencies
  • The acute abdomen: When to cut
  • Gastric Dilatation Volvulus
  • How to treat septic Peritonitis
  • The fast splenectomy
  • Perioperative care of the acute abdomen (autotransfusion, …)

  • Clinical cases
  • Gastropexy
  • Fast Splenectomy
  • Various omentalization

    Program: Soft Tissue Surgery I 2015 - subject to change

    ATF credit hours (Akademie für Tierärztliche Fortbildung, Germany): 34
    (for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg)


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    This course is currently fully booked. New registrations will be placed on the waiting list.
    To enrol on the waiting list please complete and submit the registration form below (Manual Registration) but do not make any payments until you are contacted by our office and confirmed a place.

    Tuition fee: EURO 2.590,--
    Early registration: EURO 2.490,-- (deadline for FULL early registration payment: 9th March 2015)

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